Galax GTX 1070 Katana finally drops.

They announced this late 2016 and we didn’t hear anything for 6 months or more, But finally Galax release there single slot GTX 1070. Specification wise its exactly a Founders Edition clocks and vrm power phase so we should see performance on par with that.

Rocking one DP 1.4 one HDMI 2.0 and one DVI-D for input I would’ve liked to see 4 DP 1.4 like the P4000 Quadro from Nvidia but I guess the extra ports wouldn’t suit everyone. We are hopeful to stock these and offer them in our Hermes-C612 and our Rackmount Systems, For instance our 4000G3 which is capable of 4 Double Wide cards can take 8 of these in a 2U rack.

We’ll keep you updated. Current pricing we see is 450us so expect around $650-700 for an Australian version, There is a price premium but having a stack into a system which would potentially not be able to fit 5-8 cards doubling your FP32 and CUDA performance is worth it.

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