Modelling & Animation

If you can dream it, you can build it in 3D. 3D software for modeling, animation, and rendering that allows you to create massive worlds in games and stunning scenes for design visualization. At ideabox, our team of experts can configure the ideal 3D workstation for your specific workflows.


This is a single-threaded task within 3D. Unlike rendering, which is highly multi-threaded, the process of building up your meshes, extruding polygons and manipulating vertices only uses one CPU core. If you primarily use 3D for modeling, then don’t waste money on a dual CPU workstation with dozens of CPU cores – because those extra CPU cores won’t help you. A single CPU 3D workstation will work much better for your 3D modeling needs.
A 3D modeling workstation with a high frequency CPU will benefit your 3D modeling workflow..


3D animation has many similarities to a 3D modeling centric workflow. They are both single-threaded tasks. Multiple CPU cores will be of little help if this is your primary task.
We call these types of tasks frequency bound because performance is tied to the frequency of the CPU. 3ds computers with higher CPU clock speeds perform better at these tasks. Single socket APEXX 2 and APEXX 4 3ds workstations are great choices for this workflow.

Ideal for 3D Stills.


Overclocked Quad Core

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High-End 3D Still  + Entry 3D animation.


Overclocked 10 Core

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Ideal for desktop Network Rendering.


Intel Xeon 18 to 22 Cores

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PCIe Expansion

Expanding the PCIe bus outside the chassis can be a very cost effective way to add more GPU’s. There are limitations however e.g., Every motherboard and os has its limits and hoops. If ever in doubt just ask us first.

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Multi GPU Rack Mount Systems

Our rack mount systems offer fantastic solutions to network render off, These units are suited for customers who have a sever room designed for housing high power and cooling capabilities..