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2D architectural design with CAD, while not as demanding as 3D based tools like Revit, can still be accelerated with the right hardware. At its core, CAD is a single threaded application. The ability to interact and manipulate large datasets can be improved with higher CPU clock speeds, fast storage and adequate memory. Hermes-Z100 workstation is the world’s fastest CAD workstation.


Selecting the number of processing cores in your CAD workstation is critical. 3D modeling within CAD is a frequency bound application (meaning that it predominantly uses only one core). Are you paying for cores you don’t need? It’s quite simple, really: If your CAD workstation is not optimized for single-threaded performance, you’re paying for processor cores you don’t need and won’t use, as well as missing out on peak performance that will keep you waiting instead of creating. Our CAD workstations are specifically engineered to provide you the best CAD application performance available on the market.
Since the frequency of that core determines performance more than any other variable, a workstation with less cores (but higher frequency) is ideal. Because of this, Ideabox safely overclocks our CAD workstations up to 4.4GHz delivering the fastest, most productive AutoCAD computer on the market.