High Performance Computing

Solve HPC challenges at any scale

Evolving research and technical workloads push the limits of high performance computing (HPC). Our scalable, flexible market-ready solutions — with the latest Intel® processors — readily handle compute and data-intensive workloads to drive breakthroughs faster.

Transform data into insights faster with less risk

Increase bandwidth, throughput and scalability

Streamline deployment and cluster management

We support industry, research, government and education with market-ready HPC solutions that enable more innovation and discovery. Our scalable, flexible solutions readily handle compute and data-intensive research workloads, helping drive faster breakthroughs.

What areas of research can High-Performance Computers be used in?

High Performance Computing (HPC) can be utilised in wide range of research applications including:

Molecular biology, genomics and proteomics
Environmental science
Fluid dynamics
Water resource and environmental management
Mechanical and structural engineering
Physical oceanography
Computational chemistry
Materials science

NVIDIA Tesla P100

Infinite Compute Power for the Modern Data Center

THE MOST ADVANCED DATA CENTER GPU EVER BUILT… Artificial intelligence for self-driving cars. Predicting our climate’s future. A new drug to treat cancer. Some of the world’s most important challenges need to be solved today, but require tremendous amounts of computing to become reality. Today’s data centers rely on many interconnected commodity compute nodes, limiting the performance needed to drive important High Performance Computing (HPC) and hyperscale workloads.

NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPU accelerators are the most advanced ever built for the data center. They tap into the new NVIDIA Pascal™ GPU architecture to deliver the world’s fastest compute node with higher performance than hundreds of slower commodity nodes. Higher performance with fewer, lightning-fast nodes enables data centers to dramatically increase throughput while also saving money.


Get faster training, larger models, and more accurate results on deep learning with the NVIDIA® DGX-1™. This is the world’s first purpose-built system for deep learning and AI accelerated analytics, delivering performance equal to 250 conventional servers. It comes fully integrated with hardware, deep learning software, development tools, and runs popular accelerated analytics applications. This means you can immediately shorten data processing time, visualize more data, accelerate deep learning frameworks, and design more sophisticated neural networks.

NVIDIA DGX-1 is available through select NPN Accelerated Computing partners.

Learn how AI researchers are advancing deep learning and analytics with DGX-1
– See more at: here

3 Years Premium warranty standard on all our HPC Systems


Quad GPU

Dual Intel XEON E5-2683v3
2.0-3.0Ghz 14 Cores 28 Threads
(total 28 Cores 56 threads)
64gb DDR4
Quad GTX 1080 8gb GDDR5X
512gb SSD


Quad GPU

Dual Intel XEON E5-2695v4
2.1-3.2Ghz 18 Cores 36 Threads
(total 36 Cores 72 threads)
64gb DDR4
Quad Nvidia Quadro P6000 24gb GDDR5X
512gb SSD


Eight GPU 4U Rack

Dual Intel XEON E5-2695v4
2.1-3.2Ghz 18 Cores 36 Threads
(total 36 Cores 72 threads)
128gb DDR4
Quad Nvidia Tesla P100 16gb HBM2
512gb SSD

PCIe Expansion

Expanding the PCIe bus outside the chassis can be a very cost effective way to add more GPU’s. There are limitations however e.g., Every motherboard and os has its limits and hoops. If ever in doubt just ask us first.

Need Desktop Development?

We have that too, Take a look at our Hermes-C612 (Quad GPU) or Zeus (5 GPU) desktop systems.