Octane Render + Redshift

Octane Render & Redshift are 2 of the first render engines developed strictly for GPU rendering. With a multitude of plug-ins for popular 3D authoring applications like 3D Studio Max, now is a great time to dive into GPU rendering with octane render & Redshift.

Local Rendering

Octane + Redshift are very fast GPU accelerated rendering engine integrated into several popular 3D modeling and animation application. They can be used for real time look development and scene refinement as well as final frame rendering. If your pipeline dictates rendering on your production workstation, multi-GPU Hermes & Zues workstations are the ideal solution.

Network Rendering

Rendering performance scales very well as you add more GPUs. Ideabox workstations can support up to 5 GPUs ideal for deskside GPU rendering. We also carry a variety of rack mounted GPU systems that can be used for final frame network rendering.

Ideal for 3D Stills.


Overclocked Quad Core

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High-End 3D Still  + Entry 3D animation.


Overclocked 10 Core

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Ideal for desktop Network Rendering.


Intel Xeon 18 to 22 Cores

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PCIe Expansion

Expanding the PCIe bus outside the chassis can be a very cost effective way to add more GPU’s. There are limitations however e.g., Every motherboard and os has its limits and hoops. If ever in doubt just ask us first.

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Multi GPU Rack Mount Systems

Our rack mount systems offer fantastic solutions to network render off, These units are suited for customers who have a sever room designed for housing high power and cooling capabilities..