Answers to your Questions


Why should I order through you instead of a larger company like Dell or HP?

Ideabox Computers enjoys a few advantages over our larger competitors. First, we’re able to deliver a level of customer service that we think is unmatched in our industry. All of our staff, whether it be sales or support, are located in the Australia. Every order is built by hand and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Some of our competitors are simply too large to provide this sort of individual treatment.

Along those same lines, we believe our custom tailoring of systems gives us a large advantage over the competition. Rather than buying a generic off-the-shelf system, each system can be tweaked and adjusted by your sales consultant to match your needs. There’s no reason you should pay extra for a fancy video card if you just don’t need one!

We’re very proud of our reputation, and have worked hard to earn it. For more information and reviews from other customers, visit our testimonials page.

Where are you located? Do you have a retail storefront?

Ideabox Computers is based in Kingsgrove, NSW — just a few minutes from Mascot, Airport. At this time, we operate as an internet business only, but you are welcome to stop by our office and chat! Without the cost of sales clerks, the monthly rent for a retail facility, and all the associated costs, we are able to greatly reduce our margins on every system we sell. This means lower prices for you. At the moment we are doing quite well in this position, and have no intention of opening a retail facility. It is our primary goal to provide quality systems and great customer service at the lowest possible prices.

Why dont you offer more CPU options?

We are a small company, To be competitive we picked a handful of options that we tested that showed the best price to performance ratio. So we bought bulk in those and we pass the discounts on to you.

You don’t offer what i want?

That can happen, But don’t fear contact us and we will quote the parts you want.

I found a part for cheaper than you are selling. Will you match that price?

There are many different types of computer sellers out there. Some sell only parts, some sell computers in bulk, and others sell custom computers with complete support. Ideabox Computers is obviously the latter type! The other types of sellers, especially the types that just sell parts, have no labor costs, no time invested in consulting, no post-sale support costs. They don’t have to build the system, test it, fix it, or support it. Because of those differences, a direct pricing comparison is not possible. If you find a part for a lower price, we cannot match the price. However, if you find a complete computer system with support for a lower price elsewhere, we do encourage you to approach us about it. Most often, the other company is using lower quality parts or is putting much less time into building the system correctly or supporting it.

Why only $99 for Windows Pro?

We purchase OEM licences to Windows Pro from Microsoft, This is the price we pay for the licence and we pass on the savings to you.

Can i have it today??

Although we stock a lot of what we have, If you require an entirely custom system this may take up to 7 days for it to ship out from our warehouse. If your unsure please email us and we will let you know exact days. If your in a rush take a look at our Quick Ship & Ex Demo area they usually ship within 24-48 Hours.

Does my system come with warranty?

All the New systems we sell come with a 12 month warranty from us which can be extended to 36 months if you choose to. Most the systems are covered by the manufacturer for in between 1-3 years. For more details on warranty se our Warranty Page.

Can we work on a small budget and expand the system later?

Of course! Just let us know your future plans and current budget and we can tailor something that meets your needs now and can accommodate you later when you decide to expand.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We ship with TNT Express, its a door to door service. We charge a flat fee of $40 which includes next day and fully insured.


What payment methods do you accept? and your payment terms?

PayPal is our preferred payment option, You can pay with credit card or your PayPal balance. We also accept bank transfer if you prefer that. Our terms are pre shipment or pickup for all items.


What brand motherboards do you use?

We only use Workstation Grade Motherboards for our Hermes-C612/X99 we use Asus and our Zues systems are Supermicro. Our Hermes-Z170 is an Asus board and the PocketRocket CPU node is a Asrock Board. Click Here to be taken to the manufactures page – SupermicroAsrockRackASUS


We choose to use the above boards because they are designed for workstation use, They use high quality components with a low failure rate and there support for BIOS changing and tweaks is second to none. 

Do you use specific branded components for the other items?

Not necessarily, We use high quality thats our only pre-requsite. If you wanted a specific brand for any item just shoot us a message and we will do our best to offer it for you.


How do I place an Order?

Feel free to use our online store. We understand though you may want to have a chat about your needs first so feel free to call and we can discuss your options.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

Yes and No. As long as its within the first 24 Hours you can cancel your order. Changing the order is fine within 36 hours.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Nope, Your welcome to check out as a guest. But make sure you use the correct contact details as we will confirm the order by phone.

How Do I Track My Order?

Once built and tested you will be emailed your tracking details from TNT.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Feel free to call or email should you have any queries our details can be found on our contact page.

How Can I Return a Product?

Return a product is possible. Although for change of mind we charge a 10% or $200 which ever is lower restocking fee.


Which windows should i pick?

Windows 7 Pro is our recommendation at this stage, Although Windows 10 Pro is out we feel 7 is much more stable in a workstation environment.

Does my software work on Windows?

Most software these days is OS agnostic, You should check the manufactures website beofre switching to Windows but there is a high probability that your licence will transfer with no problems.

Im not sure about windows? Ive been using OSX for 10 years?

We understand changing OS can be scary but Windows has come a long way, And as a pure workstation we have not had anyone complain. Windows 10 Pro would suit a lot of MacOS users on 10.12 and up, There is a lot of similar features.

What is the maximum GPU’s i can run?

We feel comfortably saying 6 in total, More is defiantly possible though you will have to deactivate some PCIe bandwidth to achieve this..

Do you think i should run linux?

This is something we cant answer for you. We recommend installing linux on your current system and giving it a run for a little before making a decision. We feel if the system has one job and that job is to complete a task through a application linux is ideal. But it lacks some features you might be used to as an everyday computer.


How come there is an install fee for Linux? Isn’t it free?

Yes, Linux is free. But optimising it and installing the correct repositories takes time. Before we can run the Burn-In process it can take up to 3-4x the time that windows does.

Does my exisiting Resolve dongle work on Linux?

Unfortunately not, A separate Linux dongle must be purchased directly though Blackmagic. Although they are only available with the purchase of a Blackmagic Panel.

Can i dual boot Linux with OSX / Windows?

Sure, Linux will install on either system you have.

What is the maximum GPU’s i can run?

They say 16, But we have only tested 10. We think 6 is the sweet spot for 8k RAW files in Resolve.

Do you think i should run linux?

This is something we cant answer for you. We recommend installing linux on your current system and giving it a run for a little before making a decision. We feel if the system has one job and that job is to complete a task through a application linux is ideal. But it lacks some features you might be used to as an everyday computer.

OS X / MacOS

What is the maximum GPU’s i can run?

This is such a common question and its hard to answer. Pre 2012 can host 5 GPUs with an expansion chassis although the external ones must be on the internal driver so externally only up to a 780 3gb works. In the late 2013 over thunderbolt we have gotten 4 extra cards to work although the bandwidth is not ideal for Resolve, GPU renderers like Octane and Indigo renderer showed huge gains.

Can i have Thunderbolt on a Pre 2012 Mac Pro?

Unfortunately not, The chipset does not support thunderbolt nor will it ever. These machines are awesome but they only lack one thing moving forward and it wont come available ever.

Which version of OS X should i run?

This depends on your software and your GPU. If your software is stable on a specific version of OS X then we recommend to stay there unless you have a GPU which the driver does not work in. Maxwell cards require 10.10 to work and the upcoming Pascal generation most likely wont work until 10.12. The bonus for Adobe CC users is most likely your on the most current version already.

Do i need a driver for my GPU?

Most definitely. Anything after a GTX 780 requires a driver to work but also the Nvidia Web Driver is much more optimised that the internal driver. You will also require a CUDA driver no matter what generation card you have.

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