Ideabox was able to offer me some genuine advice on the best solution for my budget and delivered an extremely positive outcome. As an early significant investment in the company it was important for the process to go smoothly. Ideabox understood this and were very professionally and quick to turn around the final product.
Oliver Hessian – hessiandesign.com

Ideabox is there for advice, direction and knowledge, as well as building out our hardware needs. We are a very quickly growing data management business, with a heavy reliance on render-heavy hardware. Phillip understands our business and is able to deliver the right solutions for us, allowing us to scale.
Warwick Boulter – visionvault.com.au

Ideabox was great to work with, obviously very nervous with dealing interstate, though Phillip was great, highly recommend!
Luke Graham – capricornfilmfestival.org

Excellent service all round, We’ll be back.
Scott Cole – hire-intelligence.com.au

Really happy with Ideabox. Arranging a pick up time might have been a bit more flexible, but it’s pretty understandable given the size of your company.
Niels Crompton – minifilm.co

Very smooth experience, Not a thing you could do better.
Stefan van der Vyver – dynamicengineering.com.au

Quick, Knowlegable & flexible. I think the job done was amazing, vastly exceeded what i thought was possible.
Henry Johnson – cratecartel.com

We are up to machine number 3 with Ideabox for our Live Streaming business. Never lets us down. Great price and service.
Kevin Horgan – ambassador.com.au

The experience with Ideabox was amazing. Saved me a bunch of money in tailoring a workstation to my needs.
Robert Grevsmul – R.G.Design

Very responsive, friendly and cost effective. Performance as promised.
Mark Nicholls

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