On Site or Cloud Based Rentals

Saving resources is a major advantage. At Ideabox Computers we offer you the opportunity to use ours, You can hire something for in house production or you can access it through the cloud for you computing needs.

Through our rental program creative and technical professionals have the opportunity to immediately boost existing visual workstation, rendering, and encoding tasks. The use of our systems becomes an extension to the current hardware infrastructure thus saving time and capital expenditure that is hard to justify for a few days or weeks only.


  • Conserves valuable working capital
  • Rentals are fixed, therefore not subject to fluctuations in interest rates
  • Rentals are fully allowable against taxable profit
  • Matches equipment to needs – both now and in the future


All bookings should be made in advance where possible to ensure availability.

1. Place an order

Email us at info@ideaboxcomputers.com.au and let us know the following details: (All requests for hire have to be sent in via email)

(1) Your name, email address and phone number. (If you are a New Customer our bookings team will provide you with a New Customer form upon enquiry of a hire)

(2) Rental equipment required.

(3) Cloud or On-Site

(3) Pick-up Use Time/Date & Return Time/Date


2. New Customers

Complete our New Customer Form provided to you by our bookings team. This form must be completed prior to hire. Any questions or concerns please contact us directly at info@ideaboxcomputers.com.au

International Customers: We welcome all international clients to complete the New Customer Form, however under some circumstances extra security may be required.

You are welcome to use our cloud based systems.