DaVinci Resolve is among the world’s most advanced video editing, finishing, and color correction suites, so in order to maximixe its advanced features and functionality, users must carefully select hardware suited to their specific needs.


You should spec out a Davinci Resolve workstation based on the expected source files, resolution and rendering requirements of your typical projects. Working with 2k footage is still common, but much less demanding than projects at higher resolutions. A single socket, overclocked workstation with one or two GPUs is fine for this type of workflow.


Intel i7 7700k
64gb DDR4
2x GTX 1080 8gb
SM961 512gb PCIe SSD
Decklink Mini Monitor 4k
4x 2tb HDD w/ LSI Raid Card


For optimal 4K editing or grading sessions, BOXX recommends a machine with two or more GPUs. Decompression and compression processes make use of your system’s CPU. Heavily compressed codecs will require a machine with many CPU cores in order to finish these tasks in a reasonable amount of time…


DUAL XEON E5-2683V3 2.0 28 Core 56 Threads
64gb DDR4
3x GTX 1080 8gb
SM961 512gb PCIe SSD
Decklink Mini Monitor 4K
4x 2tb HDD w/ LSI Raid Card

Linux & Resolve

We’re Australia’s only provider of DaVinci Resolve on Linux Systems, and can provide advice on setups covering early on-set cuts to final grade..

Our expert consultants know the sharp end of the post-production process inside out. We can advise at every stage of your pipeline to ensure the most trouble-free online, grade and delivery workflow possible, and provide qualified workstations, storage and infrastructure suitable for your requirements.
Ideabox Computers are also the only certified system integrators for DaVinci Resolve Linux in Aus, and have developed end-to-end workflows based on the power of Resolve’s suite of tools.


If you’re working with 4k stereo footage or, specialty projects that require interacting with ultra-high 8k resolutions or beyond, then you’ll need a system with capable of a variety of advanced configurations from multiple GPUs, abundant CPU cores and additional slots for high speed storage.


DUAL XEON E5-2683V3 2.0-3.0Ghz 28 Core 56 Threads
128gb DDR4
5x GTX 1070 8gb
SM961 512gb PCIe SSD
Decklink 4K Pro

4x 2tb HDD w/ LSI Raid Card

Ideal for 2k.

Entry System


Intel i7 7700K 4.5Ghz 4 Cores 8 Threads
32gb DDR4
GTX 1060 6gb
PM961 256gb PCIe SSD

Ideal for 4k.

Pro System


Dual Intel Xeon E5-2683v3 2.0-3.0Ghz 28 Core 56 Thread
64gb DDR4
Dual GTX 1080 8gb
SM961 512GB PCIe SSD

Ideal for 6K and Up.

Linux & Panel System


Dual Intel Xeon E5-2678v3 2.5-3.3Ghz 24 Cores 48 Threads
64gb DDR4
Triple GTX 1070 8gb
PM961 256gb PCIe SSD

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PCIe Expansion

Expanding the PCIe bus outside the chassis can be a very cost effective way to add more GPU’s. There are limitations however e.g., Every motherboard and os has its limits and hoops. If ever in doubt just ask us first.

Need a Rack Solution for Resolve?

We have that too, Take a look at our 4000G3. Its a 2U unit capable of housing 4 Double wide or 8 Single width GPU’s.

Software & Panel

We also provide the Resolve Advanced Panel if you haven’t already got one.