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The NVIDIA® TeslaTM S1070 Computing System is a 1U rack-mount system with four Tesla T10 computing processors. This system connects to one or two host systems via one or two PCI Express cables. A Host Interface Card (HIC) is used to connect each PCI Express cable to a host. The host interface cards are compatible with both PCI Express 1x, PCI Express 2x and PCI Express 3x systems.

Released in October of 2008, These systems laid dormant for 8 years before we got our hands on them. They come in original packaging and where opened by us for testing.

New: Never Used

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Computing Processors
One M1060 4gb – Must be in chassis for it to boot.
Physical Dimensions
System: 1.71 inches high × 17.425 inches wide × 28.5 inches deep System weight without external accessories: 34 lbs
Shipping box: 9.5 inches high x 24 inches wide x 37.5 inches deep System shipping weight with standard accessories: 61 lbs
PCI Express Cable
Standard: 0.5 meters in length
Maximizes bandwidth between the host system and the Tesla processors, with up to 12.8 GB/s peak transfer rates.

  • Four x16 PCI Express slots
  • Compliant with PCI Express Specification 2.2 (Gen 2)
  • Connects to the host computer via 2x PCI Express cable and 2x host boards
  • Operational temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Dimensions: 8.25“x 8.0“ x 11.0“
  • 800w Gold 80 plus PSU

See our BLOG for an in-depth view of the NVIDIA Tesla S1070


  1. Can we install newer gen GPUs?
  2. Yes, As long as you keep one M1060 inside the chassis.
  1. Is there a Double HBA available?
  2. Yes. There is.
  1. Can they work with Mac / Linux / Windows?
  2. Yes, There OS Agnostic.
  1. Can we use them on a desktop, Are they loud?
  2. WOW, They are LOUD. We are going to mod them for use with Geforce cards but we don’t recommend the mod for Tesla or Grid cards.

Additional information

S1070 Mod

Modified – 1x M1060 + Quiet Fans, Standard – 1x M1060 GPU

S1070 Host Card

2x 16x PCIe Host Cards (2 Slots Required), Dual 16x PCIe Host Card (Single Host Card)


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